There are high initial investment in time and budget resources in the implementation of CAD engineering jobs and PDM systems in a global context. Combined with high installation complexity and increasing demands on their own IT expertise they lead to high operating costs and a lack of utilization of resources. Lengthy introduction phase in the expansion of existing or new projects confronts the constant pressure to shorten the development time.

Global development

The biggest challenge is the collaboration and partner integration in global development projects. Development is globally present with many development partners, thus resulting in high demands on collaboration and fast and easy connection and integration of external partners. The goal is a safe product data management and a secure exchange in a complex network of partners. The solution must be global availability, must provide secure management and data timeliness of product development data and consider the possibility of mapping approval processes.


The „Smart Engineering Cloud“ solves your rising global demands for flexibility and mobility, as well as collaboration functionalities of engineering project jobs. We can provide the preconfigured platform with an appropriate CAD and Product Data Management Software at any time and on any location on demand – with data protection standards according to German regulations.


By centralizing we achieve an increase in data security in the development process. The data is stored on dedicated servers to protect intellectual property.


Improved collaboration in project teams through quick connection of external development partners. Immediate availability of Siemens PLM, PDM and CAx software, leading security and storage solutions. Providing any possible software. Use of various devices.

Global availability

Providing CAx jobs at any time and at any location on demand by pre-configured platform with appropriate CAD and a Product Data Management Software. Tailored performance, ease of scalability. Global rollout in minutes.

Manfred Weissensteiner
Manfred WeissensteinerCOO Allygrow Technologies

„Manufacturing companies are exposed to a high pressure to innovate. Development times for new products become shorter with increasing complexity and international project teams. In Allygrow, a global engineering company, we rely on the „Smart Engineering Cloud“, the Alvaronic AG. Our designers in Europe are already developing this cloud platform, which will be rolled out worldwide. Thus, we are to be able to meet increasing demands.“


Interview with Thomas Heinz, CEO of alvaronic AG
Publication in the special supplement of WirtschaftsWoche on March 11, 2016

Using „Smart Engineering Cloud“, the company Alvaronic in cooperation with the sister company Acentrix provides a scalable and globally operational solution for developers.


Smart Engineering Cloud – „Go global in minutes“
Lecture at the AWS Summit on April 12, in Berlin at 14:40- 15:10 o’clock

Based on our successful project with the Allygrow Technologies, we show you how an international engineering company based on the Smart Engineering Cloud supports its global expansion strategy from German AWS Region.


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