The AWS platform is available to everyone, however, people are overwhelmed with the wealth and depth of services and offers with over 500 offerings with knowledge of the traditional IT world. Without consulting services and development of underlying new concepts, processes and organizational structures, only isolated solutions would result from the first use and provide the IT and the business with no leverage in the use of all advantages in the long term. Use our Consulting Services in order to bring the benefits closer to you.

Consulting Services

Alvaronic accepts the lack of service and advice element (service level, architectural and cost management). Along the Customer Journey, we advise our customers on the appropriate usage scenario of AWS services aa well as a sensible combination with the existing systems. In addition to the AWS basic services, our customers receive a cost transparent account of a German contractor, no long-term commitment, but the lowest cost, additional services such as customer support, higher security standards through further tools as well as integration performance and management of hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Integration Services

Based on our proven cloud integration model, we perform the integration in the AWS cloud in 3 steps. We pay attention to the configuration of interfaces for inventory architecture, run the scripting / programming of automations for AWS, developing necessary detailed configuration of the AWS services and also migrate complete inventory systems in the AWS cloud.

Managed Services

By means of standardized service modules, based on the ITIL framework, we carry out the management of its AWS infrastructure. We offer a 24 // Service Desk and Customer Support, as well as the service level agreement that meets your requirements. We focus on the 4 cloud core disciplines: SecOps, FinOps, SysOps, xOps. While you focus on their core processes, we lead productive management of environment in terms of security monitoring and incident management, cost optimization, system monitoring and break / fixes. We guarantee stability and availability of the platform, perform release management, patching and deployment.