As the Amazon Web Services Cloud Transformation Partner, System Integrator and Managed Service Provider ,we cover the entire value chain for our customers‘ needs in the cloud.

UOur services and solutions are based on the AWS Cloud Platform, ranging from design, implementation to operation, each tailored to individual customer requirements. Plan. Build. Run. In the Cloud.

Our detailed portfolio focuses on the following areas: Cloud Strategy Consulting, Cloud Optimization & Automation, Managed Cloud Services, DevOps Consulting, Cloud Architecture & Infrastructure Transformation, Cloud Application Migration, Cloud Application Development, Cloud Security & Compliance, Cloud Storage, Big Data & Analytics, IoT & Industry 4.0 Services & Solutions, PLM software & Solutions.

Besides, we are familiar with the leading tools and technologies and achieve close partnerships with manufacturers.

We have specialized on the digital challenges of midsize and enterprise customers, focused on the specific needs of the media, manufacturing and finance industries.

We are at the cutting edge. For over 10 years, our employees deal with the IT Megatrends Cloud, Big Data, Social Workspace and Mobility and realize feasible IT strategies.

Part of a strong group of companies. In our group of companies, in addition to the Alvaronic AG, the AWS specialized managed service provider, there are also companies like Acentrix GmbH, the cloud consulting and integration company and Zettagon GmbH, the Siemens PLM integration specialist.

Impressive experience. Over 300 successfully implemented cloud projects, about 80 certified and accredited employees, and a global reach on the shoulders of the strong partner and a global leader in cloud computing.


Amazon Web Services is one of the leading cloud computing platforms in the world, offering reliable, scalable and cost-effective remote computing services.

Worldwide, hundreds of thousands of customers of all industries are productive with their workloads in the AWS cloud. Global AWS expansion also proceeds with great strides, besides North America, Europe, Brazil, Singapore, China, Australia, the AWS is also present in North Korea since several days.

Instead of waiting for hardware for weeks, it is possible to deploy applications in the AWS cloud, within minutes, to scale and change server requirements, whether you need thousands of virtual servers or just one for an hour or 7/24, you only pay what you really use.

AWS is a self-service pay-as-you-go platform that allows usage without advanced investments and long-term binding contract services..