As the Amazon Web Services Cloud Transformation Partner, System Integrator and Managed Service Provider, we cover the entire value chain for our customers‘ needs in the cloud. Our services and solutions are based on the AWS Cloud Platform, ranging from design, implementation to operation, each tailored to individual customer requirements. Plan. Build. Run. In the Cloud. We have specialized on the digital challenges of midsize and enterprise customers, focused on the specific needs of the media, manufacturing and finance industries.


We want to be closer to our customers, which is why the purchase of AWS services and the benefits that result from it are attractive, unlike competitors or the in-house operation. Reasons for using AWS are almost always cost optimization, however, the customer opens the entire range of benefits with the use. 


AWS offers low costs even on the pay-as-you-go basis. However, with long-term reservation of services, up to 30% of savings can be achieved. As a contractor, we can offer the services with the upfront investment in reserved instances at a low cost, but offer a higher service.


Security is job zero! We carry out the selection and evaluation of the necessary security services, as well as implementation of appropriate cloud security solutions. In addition to that, our Security Operations Model includes proactive monitoring and incident management.

Managed Services

We assume the AWS Cloud Management and Operations for their desired workload in the cloud. Our service offering starts with a Standard Operation Basic Level, ranging from the Advanced Operation Service Level all the way to operational excellence in a business plan.

For 11 years, we deal with the topic cloud and advise large and medium-sized customers. We know AWS and its development from the start and got to know the capabilities and the range of services from numerous customer projects. AWS exists since 2006, and is, in our opinion, enterprise-ready since 2014 and in the next few years it will keep and expand its world leadership due to the pace of innovation, the penetration and the global presence.



The solution to your rising global demands for flexibility and mobility of engineering project work places. We can provide the preconfigured platform with an appropriate CAD and Product Data Management Software at any time and on any location on demand – with data protection standards according to German regulations.

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Interview with Thomas Heinz, CEO of alvaronic AG

Publication in the special supplement of Wirtschaftswoche on March 11, 2016

Using „Smart Engineering Cloud“, the company Alvaronic in cooperation with the sister company Acentrix provides a scalable and globally operational solution for developers.


Smart Engineering Cloud – „Go global in minutes“
Lecture at the AWS Summit on April 12, in Berlin at 14:40- 15:10 o’clock

Based on our successful project with the Allygrow Technologies, we show you how an international engineering company based on the Smart Engineering Cloud supports its global expansion strategy from German AWS Region.